Finishes for Your Herb Spiral Garden

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Weathered spiral planter

Our herb spiral planters are made with Corten steel which is a high-quality weathering steel. This means that when exposed to the elements it will develop a rusted or “weathered” look that is more stable structurally than regular steel which may rust through quickly. You have probably seen this Corten steel used for planters, signs, even roofs.

The planters are available in several finishes including “weathered” as well as in the un-weathered “raw” stage.  If you have an already weathered finish, that’s it, your unit has its permanent finish in place. However, if you have the “raw” unweathered or unfinished version, you have some choices.


  1. You can leave it as is but if you want to keep the clean metal look, we suggest you spray it with Varathane, acrylic, enamel, or other rust-proofing product to inhibit the natural weathering.

  2. If you want it weathered and don’t want to wait for nature to work its magic, you can accelerate the process by creating a mixture of 4 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Mix in a bit of salt and then spray the metal with the well mixed solution. You don’t need to saturate it, just cover the surface. Then, wait a day or two and reapply if desired. Usually, you will notice the effect within the first few days. Note: the type of vinegar you use can affect the final color, i.e. an apple vinegar produces a more golden rust than a white vinegar.

  3. Starting with an un-rusted version you can apply spray paint in whatever color or colors you like. Mix them, get artistic, try some textured paints. But, warning, test your design ideas on something safe like cardboard first, then apply to the unit when you are sure you have what you want. A final coat of sealant, sa mentioned above, is a good idea, especially if you are worried about the paint coming into contact with the soil. The acrylic or enamel top coats dry impermeable and create a very nice protective barrier.

  4. Get creative – Paint some flowers on the side or cover it with burlap for a totally different look, you can even glue on decorative stones or combine several mediums to make something beautiful and unique.

Whatever finish you decide upon, remember to complete your finish work BEFORE adding dirt and plants.

three spiral planters waiting to be planted