• Three empty herb spirals from Spiral Gardens
    A Simple yet Elegant Solution

    Growing herbs was never so smart or simple

  • Planted herb spiral gardens with flower bowl
    European Originality

    Proven over 100's of years

  • Decorative spiral planter with herbs
    American Ingenuity

    Refined, redesigned ... improved

  • Herb spiral planter
    Multiple Micro-Climates

    Provides proper soil, water, sun and shade

  • An herb spiral planter set among ferns
    Exceptional Herbs

    Flavourful and fresh - Grow what you need

— Spiral Garden Specialists—


Herb Spirals

Herb spiral gardens originated in Europe centuries ago as an ingenious planting system for growing herbs. Originally a meter or more across, the design is built upon an Archimedean spiral shape, increasing the growing space to allow a number of herbs to be grown in a small area. The elegant design of the herb spiral helps to create different microclimates within the garden, providing optimal growing conditions for various herbs.

Benefits of an Herb Spiral

The spiral shape makes use of different soil depths which, when combined with proper soil preparation and planting, adjust moisture and help to create these microclimate zones of sun, shade, water, and soil. This leaves a drier zone at the top (perfect for hardy herbs) and a moist area at the bottom for water lovers. Optimal growth potential can now be more easily achieved for a diverse range of herbs, as well as flowers and vegetables.