About Herb Spirals & Spiral Garden Kits

European ingenuity meets American innovation
three just planted herb spiral gardens

Herb Spiral Kit

Originally a full-sized garden installation meters across, our smaller, more portable versions of the herb spiral garden are well suited for decks, patios, and smaller gardens. Although popular in Europe for many years, these smaller versions have seldom been available in the US until now.

Based in Park City, Utah, Spiral Garden has re-engineered the traditional designs from Europe into a more efficient design and is offering them on a limited basis in the local market as of the summer of 2023.

Our spiral planters come ready to plant, just add dirt and your favorite herbs or flowers.




Benefits of an Herb Spiral

  1. Grow more in less space. The mounded spiral ramp maximizes the surface area for planting.

  2. Perfect herbs. Spiral shape creates a range of microclimates providing a perfect growing zone for all your herbs.

  3. Healthier herbs. When you meet your plants’ growing needs (sun, water and shade), they will thrive and be far more productive.

  4. Beautiful garden feature. A striking curved spiral design draws the eye and creates a unique talking point for visitors.

  5. Place anywhere.  Place your herb spiral on your deck or patio (tray recommended), or directly on dirt.

  6. Convenient. Enjoy easy setup and access for maintenance and harvesting. If you have limited space and mobility or suffer from a bad back when you garden, you can easily reach the center of the herb spiral design.

  7. Get creative. Place on upturned wood half barrel or large pot/planter.

  8. Save money & Grow gifts. Herbs can be an expensive luxury when sourced from a store. Why buy a bunch of herbs if you only need a small amount? You’ll save money by only picking WHAT you need, WHEN you need it. Have extra herbs? Gift them …friends love them.

  9. Low maintenance.  If you feel a large garden takes too much time and effort, an herb spiral may be a solution. After initial set up, only minimal maintenance is required. You can even add a drip system if you like.

  10. Freshness counts.  Taste! Flavor, nutrient value, and freshness will be at their peak.

  11. Water management. If you live in a high rainfall area, the herb spiral design maximizes drainage. If you live in a dry climate, you will benefit from the moisture retained at the base of the herb spiral. Locate plants that don’t drink much at the top, so no water is wasted. Water runoff is collected and absorbed as it filters down to the thirsty plants at the bottom.
 Spiral Planter Zones


5 Micro Climate Zones
Our herb spirals provide you with five different zones, or planting areas. This allows you to plant herbs in an environment where their specific water, sun, and soil needs are met, thereby creating the optimal growing opportunity for a wide variety of herbs.
For a helpful list of herbs and where to place them in your herb spiral, please browse the rest our website, for complete information on herbs, placement, and planting suggestions.