How to Plant an Herb Spiral Garden

Planning is key to the successful planting of an herb spiral
Here you will find quick links to resources that will help you plan and execute a beautiful spiral planter garden.

several empty herb spirals
Our herb spirals come in a number of beautiful finishes ready to complement any decor. Or, you can order yours unfinished and finish it the way you want. The choice is yours.
an herb spiral and the tools and materials needed for planting it
A general overview of things to keep in mind when planting your spiral garden. Use this guide along with the Step-by-Step guide below to get it right the first time.
placement zones for planting an herb spiral
A list of popular herbs divided up into the zones where they will have the best chance of thriving along with a helpful map of spiral zones.
an herb spiral planting map worksheet
After reviewing the herb possibilities on the Plant Placement Map above, use this handy printout to sketch what goes where.
herb spiral with soil ready for planting
A complete step-by-step guide with photos and tips to walk you through planting your first herb spiral.